Bronze wixen


One of a kind hot pants are made out of quality fake leather. There is lacing on the sides to tighten or loose to perfectly fit your measurements and a zipper closure. There are bronze grommets for lacing and round studs in between. There are round studs and rings on belt loops.

Measurements with tightened lacing, perfect fitting from minimum up to 10-15cm/ 4-6inch more.

Waist: minimum 84cm / 33 inch
Hips: minimum 98cm / 38,6 inch
Length: 20 cm / 7,9 inch
Inseam: 3 cm / 1,9 inch
Crotch front: 20cm / 7,9 inch
Back: 30cm / 11,8 inch
Belt loops for a belt cca 4cm/ 1,6 in

Please include email and phone number when ordering. We have new law since 1.1.2021 and it is required for sending international. Otherwise they will not take the package. The contacts will not be saved or used in any way.


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